Dr Peter Shambrook, a reputed historian specialising in Middle Eastern  history, 
gave a talk to WSPSC about the historical roots and consequences of the Balfour 
Declaration on Friday 22 October which enlightened and delighted a large 
audience at St Nicolas Church in Guildford.

He spoke about the role of the UK and quoted from a speech by the well-known 
Anglo-Jewish historian Sir Martin Gilbert (famous for his biography of Winston 
Churchill among other works) given in Israel in [2006?} when he said that:

/"The cornerstone of British mandatory policy was the withholding of 
representative institutions for as long as there was, in Palestine, an Arab 

This neat summary of British policy between 1916 and 1948 exposes its 
fundamental hypocrisy and largely explains why the Palestinian people have 
suffered from its consequences for the last 100 years.